MS Beams

MS Beams / Channel / Girder

Hindustan Steel Sales supplies a wide range of Mild Steel (MS) Beams/Channel/Girder. Girder Beams are used for Trading of truck-trailers, EOT cranes and its Gantry, ship building, factory sheds, conveyors, boilers, agricultural equipment, and many more engineering industries.
MS Beams, Channels, and Girders Steel are all types of structural steel sections used in construction and engineering applications. These sections are essential for providing structural support and stability to various types of structures, including buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.
MS Beams, also known as I-beams or H-beams, have an "I" or "H" cross-section. They are characterized by their long horizontal flanges and vertical web. MS Beams are widely used in building construction for load-bearing purposes, as well as in bridge construction and other engineering projects where strong and rigid support is required.
MS Channels have a "C" or "U" shaped cross-section with two shorter flanges and a longer web. They are commonly used for structural and support applications, including as lintels and purlins in buildings, in the construction of frames, and as support systems for conveyor belts.
MS Girders are large, horizontal beams that are used in the construction of bridges and other heavy-duty structures. They provide support and stability for bridge decks and are critical for distributing the load from the deck to the bridge's support structure.
These structural steel sections are typically manufactured through a hot rolling process, where the steel is heated to a high temperature and then passed through rollers to give it the desired shape. Hot rolling allows for the production of large quantities of steel sections with consistent dimensions and mechanical properties.The specific dimensions, tolerances, and mechanical properties of MS Beams, Channels, and Girders are defined by industry standards and regulations. These standards may vary based on the country or region where the steel is produced and used.

HINDUSTAN STEEL SALES developes specific sections. Specific sizes in any section can be developed for economical and feasible quantity, in Mild Steel, High Tensile, En 8 / En 8D / EN 9 / EN 16 material.

MS Girder

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Size in mm Average Weight
100 x 50 STD 8.90 2.70
100 x 50 MED 7.00 2.10
100 x 50 LIGHT 5.30 1.60
125 x 70 STD 13.30 4.05
125 x 70 MED 11.50 3.50
125 x 70 LIGHT 9.00 2.70
140 x 70 24 7.31
150 x 75 STD 15.00 4.60
150 x 75 LIGHT 13.50 4.10
175 x 85 19.6 6.0
200 x 100 24.20 7.40